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lazar tattoo

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dunckerstrasse 85, 10437 Berlin
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Hello everyone my name is Lazar i am 21 years old and currently living in Berlin for almost a year…i’ve been tattooing for 2 years,at first it started as a hobby,but as people keep saying me that i am “pretty good “ i decided to give it a more serious try! I’ve recently bought a new machine and a new Ipad and i’m so excited to start using them and also starting to make a custom designs! Feel free to hit me up and tal...mehr lesen


Design for free, if you like the design and go for the tattoo!For the first time only 25€ an hour,i think that’s pretty fair and i am very confident that you’ll love it amd i will gain your trust and you’ll come back and then we can talk more about the second tattoo!!
lazar tattoo
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